Monday, September 8, 2008

T'was the night before preschool....

UPDATE: The day went great. Meigan was a little hesitant in the beginning. By the end of the preschool day she gave her stamp of approval by saying, "I want to come to school tomorrow." Kate was excited beyond words from the moment she saw her backpack sitting by the door. I had bus duty this morning, so the girls had to stand outside with me as the kids filed off the busses. Kate was so excited when she saw the busses that she turned and waved at me and wanted to load the closest one.

I wish that I could say that not a creature was stirring. But no, Meigan is tossing and turning and telling me how very hard it is to go to sleep when you are so bored.

Well, tomorrow starts a new phase in life, as well as a new routine. Both of my girls will be attending preschool, and so ends the journey to Grandma's each morning. Seems hard to believe, wasn't it just yesterday that I was carrying Meigan around on my hip... oh, wait a minute, that was yesterday. But it does seem like just yesterday that I brought her home. Now she is heading off to school, and I am already missing the "baby" days. Kate has been home only 9 months, and it doesn't seem nearly as strange to be sending her off. She came to be my daughter as an older toddler, ready for school when we first met. So while my heart is not sad about how quickly the years have flown, it is very sad for the years that I missed with her.

God has been good to us. A month ago I had plans in place... girls enrolled in separate preschools and a Friday daycare lined up. Well, at the last minute, and in a matter of a few short days those plans were totally turned upside down. Neither girl will be attending the preschool they were enrolled in last Spring, and our Friday arrangement have changed, as well. I worried so much last Spring, trying to get everything in order. God had other plans, better plans. The girls will now be able to come with me each morning, and go to preschool in the same building where I teach. I can't even begin to tell you what a blessing this is. Just to have them in the same building with me make my heart happy. This means they come with me to work, and on some days I might even get to see them after their preschool session ends. My mom will pick them up each day, and have them in the afternoons. On Fridays, they will go to a neighborhood daycare that is unbelievable. It will be nice for my mom to have a day to help my grandma and just catch up around her house. I know that daycare is not ideal, but what this woman is doing is amazing. The girls will be well fed, cared for, played with, and taught about God's word.

Well, we are moving on... whether I am ready or not. Tomorrow the first day of preschool, and before I know it the first day of high school. So, for now I will let that little ache in my heart serve as a reminder to make the most of each day that I have with my sweet little ones.

P.S. Stay tuned... cute first day of school pictures to come soon.


Carol said...

Oh Beth, tomorrow will be a bitter sweet day... I am so glad that God worked out all the details and your girls will be so close. The day care sounds neat too, you will have to tell me more about it. =)

I bet you were so proud of your big girl on Sunday when she went up for the children's sermon and off to children's church too! =)

Hugs and prayers for you tonight my friend. May you and little Meggers sleep well!

Jill said...

Can't wait to see the pictures!

I am so excited for you, it has been so awesome to see God move through this process of starting school this year. It is going to be a great year!

Jamie @ Purposeful Pursuit said...

Awww Beth, it's so bitter-sweet!

I saw you driving out of the neighborhood this morning...I wondered why you were going the wrong way. It didn't dawn on me that today is the big day.

I'm sure the girls are excited. I know they will do super!

julie6566 said...

Wow time marches on! I hope the girls had a great first day! It sounds like God's plans are the best. Blessings on you and your family.

Wendi said...

I am so happy to see they did great on the first day of school. Knowing you are close by i'm sure gives them comfort. They look like such big girls with their backpacks on. I remember I cried on Dominiques first day of kindergarten, I waved to her as she loaded the bus.

Leslie said...

Wow, big changes. Aren't you glad our Father is in the details and that He has a perfect plan for us. Good for you being flexible and not "stiff necked". How fun to begin a new chapter in your lives together!

randi said...

i asked Meagen if she liked school she said yes

Carol said...

What big girls, I love the pics! Meigan and Kate have such different personalities, which must really keep you hopping having to parent both ends of the spectrum! ;)

I am glad that they both really like school =)