Tuesday, September 16, 2008

This could have been the scene at my house this weekend.

Yes... I had a frog in my back yard and mice in my garage. Yuck! Not much I can do about the frog. They are a problem with the irragation canal so close. The mouse (turned out to be mice) on the other hand are another story. I think that the mice showed up this weekend, as I have seen no traces of them and saw only a few "indications" of their presence on Sunday. It was Sunday morning when I was going out to feed the dogs when I flipped on the light and saw the gray furry hind end of the little rodent scampering away. EEEEK! Well, traps were set (thanks to my stepdad, who so kindly gave up Monday Night Football) and mice were caught.

Unfortunately, the seal at the bottom of my garage door has an opening at one end. As the nights are getting colder I am afraid that more mice will try and find refuge in my garage. My hope is that word has spread among the mouse community that while entry may be easy you may never come out... at least not on your own four feet. Traps will remain set, and the garage door company may be called to replace the seal. I just can't live with mice.


Carol said...

Good luck getting all the little critters out! Hopefully at least one escapes the death traps, so he can spread the word to his buddies! =)

Leslie said...

If I see my pet bull snake again I will send him your way to eat your rodents...not sure if he likes frog legs or not. I loved the picture!

Tricia said...

We had a mouse once and set traps too, although I don't remember what happened to it. then again, I think that was about the time I found a snake inthe dog food barrel. Yuck! Dick was out of town so I made Dave, bro in law, come over, who buy the way is afraid of snakes too. Anyway, it all worked out. I am sure if you keep traps sent, they will soon find another home. I think I'd call the garage door guy too just to be safe!

Ginger said...

Beth, your blog is looking so nice, I think you should take your construction sign off!

We haven't had any mice here, but we do have one giant lizard of some kind and three smaller lizards who come to our porch at night to hang out. The giant lizard was trapped in the garage for a few days, but we finally got him out.

We also had one little snake, but he was so quick we couldn't tell what kind he was. I have agreed to let them all stay as long as they agree to stay out of my house and take care of all the cockroaches they find! :)

randi said...

WOW for sharing at are school a lot of people said that they saw frogs.