Thursday, April 10, 2008

We have a diagnosis...

Tuesday was the big doctor's appointment. This was more a consulation, since the doctor did not even need to see Kate. After looking at her test results Kate has been diagnosed with auditory nueropathy (AN). Basically, her ear is working, but the nerve from the cochlea to the brain is not. Eventhough a cochlear implant does not seem like it would help this problem there has been sucess with implants. AN is not a very common problem, so the stats regarding treatment are really not there. I read an article that said that out of 14 patients with AN treated with an implant, 12 were sucessful. I have been reading as much as possible in hopes of making the most informed decision possible. I desire for Kate to be able to communicate with as many people as possible (hearning and non-hearing), and that she be fully literate. For me that means that if an implant is an options it is the option that we will take. I know that it will be a long road of therapy and work, and in the end communcation and literacy may look very different for Kate than for other people. I also know time is of the essences... this is not something that I can wait for Kate to decide on by herself... the window of time for her to access language is limited. It is contraversial for many, but for us I believe that it is the right choice.

There are a few more hoops to jump through before surgery can be scheduled. Your prayers for us would be much appreciated.


Anonymous said...

I am so happy that Kate was blessed with such a wonderful Mommy. The choices you are making are out of your intense love for your daughter and you do not ever need to try to explain that to anyone. I will be praying for you and little Kate as you tackle this tough road together. You Go Girls!

Every good and perfect gift said...

You can count on my prayers. Kate is such a darling girl, I know I've only seen her a handful of times last January. I still get a kick out of her when I remember her reactions to seeing me pack away some boxes with peanuts, when I was at my parents.The peanuts were all over the floor and all over me and Kate was looking at it all in wonder and awe, it was pretty funny. You have such a bright and curious girl.