Saturday, April 5, 2008

Lurkers Welcome!

I am sooooo sorry, I did not know that I was being so exclusive. Really I am just blogger dumb... I have changed my settings and now I can take comments for bloggers and non-bloggers alike.

Carol.... I am so looking forward to your comments. Your comments really are my favorite to read on other blogs... so much so that I think that you might should start your own blog. You would certainly keep us all smiling. :)


Anonymous said...

Well Hello!

I am starting to feel peer pressure from my Church friends to join the "Blog Cult" and I shall RESIST! (for now anyway) ;> I am so enjoying getting to know you Beth and all your blogger buddies too. I appreciate your kind words (even if you are trying to manipulate me into joining your cult…) ;P

~Crazy Carol "The Blog Lurker"

PS Kiss those darling girls of yours for me!

Jamie said...

Wow Beth people are sure being nice to this Carol girl. First, she wins a prize that was supposedly a random drawing over at Jill's blog and now you give a whole post just to welcome her.
I think she should jump on board and start a blog!!!