Tuesday, April 29, 2008

More medical tests

Kate had more medical test today, both an MRI and CT scan. She was such a trooper. Of course they were running behind schedule, but Kate still did well. She did have a meltdown when I changed her into the hospital gown. When she was sedated for the last test the hospital we were at did not allow me to go with her until she fell asleep...it was quite traumatic as they carried her down the hall screaming. I think that the gown was a trigger, she just didn't want to be seperated. Eventually she wiggled her way out of the gown... it was down around her waist when a nurse said that it would be okay to just wrap her in a blanket. I was very thankful that this hospital allowed me to be with her until her eyes closed. She was a little hesitant as they wheeled us to the imaging room (yes we both sat in the wheel chair, and I felt quite goofy). I only had a brief moment of anxiety, as they asked me about any prior surgeries that might have left metal in her body. I know much of Kate's medical history, but certainly not all. The logical part of me knew that any surgeries that left plates or screws in her body would most likely have left scars... but the nervous mommy's stomach tightened a bit. About two hours later I was reunited with one groggy little girl. Her appetite and energy quickly returned, and we were sent on our way.
Last Friday both Meigan and I started coming down with a cold. I was really nervous that Kate would come down with the same cold. The last thing the nurse who scheduled Kate's MRI said to me was that I should call and cancel if she had any cold symptoms. What were the chances that she wasn't going to get sick... she sleeps with me (sometimes nose to nose) each night. I prayed each day (and night when she crawled in my bed) that God would protect her from the germs that certainly coming her way...He answered, not one symptom of a cold. I was reminded of how much God cares for us and hears our prayers.

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Carol said...

God is good! I am glad to hear the test went well and that God kept Kate from getting this very contagious cold bug that everyone seems to be getting! Kate really is a trooper and her warm, fun personality is going to delight many more people as the years go by. I am excited to watch as God uses this whole process of healing her to touch eternity for His glory!