Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Words to make you think

I feel like I have not had much to say lately. I liked Jill's post and thought I would try it myself.

Sitting: Only to read bedtime stories and wait for little ones to fall off to sleep.
Suffering: Too many sleepless nights... too much caffeine and too much on my mind.
Pondering: How I am ever going to get everything done before the end of the school year.
Feeling: Excited about having more time with my girls this summer.
Seeking: More time to spend in God's word.
Wondering: How I will feel in 13 years when my girls begin to think about life beyond my little nest... see Jamie's recent post to see why this is on my mind.
Loving: All the silly things my girls say and do.
Reading: Not anything much beside Fancy Nancy and Bad Dog Marley. Hope to spend some time reading grown up stuff this summer.


Jamie said...

Great post! I really like this idea. I've been overdoing the caffiene lately myself. And those next 13 years you are wondering about are going to pass quicker than you want! I need to come show you how to do the linky thing...you could have linked to both Jill and me in this post:)

Jill said...

Thanks for the post Beth. I like to hear what is on your mind. Especially since most of our phone calls are interupted with little ones calling for our attention. This way I still feel connected to what is going on in your life. ;o)

Ginger said...

You are so funny, Beth, even if you are not trying to be! :) You make me smile. Thanks for sharing your life. Enjoy reading those kid books...the years will go by quicker than you think, and you'll be back to adult books looking for some little child to read to! :)

One more thing, start saving your money. In 13 years, those little ones will be wanting to drive!!!!

Wendi said...

You know your comment with sleepless nights, me being a single parent too It was so difficult having to do EVERYTHING, you know working at 5:30 am after spending half the night up with Dominique would take its toll, and Ty when he was younger was NOT a good sleeper either. I would wake up at least 5 times a night. I would cry at times wondering if it would always be like this, I was always sooo tired. But as they got a little bit older things change, Ty sleeps like a rock, its getting past this stage and things change so much, now i miss when they were younger at times.
Your doing a great job with the girls! I wish we could see them more. HINT HINT you guys need to come over more often, you don't need an invitation...

Carol said...

Hey Beth, you should give me a call around midnight or one... I'm not sleeping either! I saw that Fancy Nancy book at Cosco the other day and thought of you. Love ya so much girlfriend!

Carol said...

Hey, are you awake?