Friday, June 13, 2008

Heading into 40, but feeling 80!

The big one is just around the corner. I know that Oprah says that 40 is the new 30, but right now that is certainly not how I am feeling. It has been a tough couple of weeks at our house (if I am totally honest, a tough several months), and I think that we are all feeling a little run down. I feel like I am hanging on by a thread most days, and I really don't like living life that way. So, as I turn the tens column one digit higher I am going to try and make some changes... that will hopefully add to the quality of my life and to the live of those I love dearly.

Here is my list (one in honor of each decade I have lived):

1. I am going to be more committed to my daily quiet time and Bible study. Oh, how I want my girls to have memories of their momma reading and loving God's word.

2. I am going to go to bed at a decent hour, even if that means I don't have much time in the evenings to myself.

3. I am going to begin to watch what I eat more carefully. Yikes, I have put on 12 pounds in the six month that Kate came home. I am in no way blaming her, it is just that I am definitely a stress eater... and adding to my family has been a little stressful.

4. I am going to be very careful not to over commit myself and my family. We so very much need time just to be together, hanging out, laughing, playing and talking.


randi said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!

Jill said...

Happy Birthday Beth! That is a great list that I should follow too. Is it OK if I do them with you? ;o)

You are such a dear friend and a blessing in my life! Happy Birthday Beth! I love ya!

PS Thanks for the great time today. You and your sisters are fantastic!

julie6566 said...

Happy Happy Birthday Beth!!!

I know just where you are coming from. Life can get just too busy and we can only blame ourselves.I've gotten really good at saying "no" to people and that includes my kids. They are allowed to do one sport a year, not one a season! There is just no way I can get three kids to three different places, even if Maury is available to help out.
Your list tells me that you are right on target. Just go easy on yourself and enjoy your girls while they are small. One day you will be where I am right now, looking up at your 15 year old. Now when I need to have a talk with him, I make sure he is sitting. (That way I am still taller than he for some reason this really works.)
Just think, you still have at least another 40 years to go.

Jamie said...

I need to be more diligent with those same areas. Let's do it together!

Today was fun, we should definitely do it more often.

Wendi said...

I think your list is great, I need to be in Gods word more too, I tend to stay up late too just because it seems like its the only time I get time to myself, then I'm tired from staying up to late. So I would have to say that would have to be on my list too.
well your I hope you had fun on your birthday, and I'm sure 40 will end up being a AWESOME year for you.

kim said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you! Great list of goal, I think I should be following those as well.

Have a wonderful day (although I'm certain that it has already passed by) and a blessed year ahead.