Saturday, July 12, 2008

My girl did great!

Friday was the big day, Kate's first cochlear implant surgery. My sister went up to Spokane with us on Thursday evening. I felt a little bad because Kate was so excited to be treated to a couple of days away. When we drove up to Grandma's house she just looked at Meigan and waved. She did not even want to get out of the car to drop Meigan off.

The day of the surgery went great, that is until she saw the hospital dressing gown. That is her cue that they are going to take her away from mommy, and she really doesn't like that. The nurses were kind enough to set the gown aside until she was asleep. While things were going great with Kate, I was not faring so well. Some kind of bug hit me hard about 30 minutes after they took her into surgery. The nurses let me stay in one of the pediatric pre-op rooms, and from there my sister took over with Kate's care. Jamie was such a lifesaver, I am so glad that she was there. I felt so badly that I could do nothing, but I was really sick. We finally got back to the hotel sometime after five. I laid as still as possible while Jamie worked hard to keep Kate still. Kate's pain medication seemed to wind her up rather than settle her down. Finally about ten she was off to sleep, and sleep she did... like a rock.

We drove home Saturday morning, all feeling a bit healthier. Kate has done wonderfully, she is off of any pain meds and taking a little Tylenol. She and her sister have played like crazy, and then had a good night sleep. I will be taking the dressing off today, yikes! They actually said I could wash her hair... I am going to have to wait and see how things look. If all goes well we may even head out to church this evening. Too many days confined to home can make all three of us a little crazy.

God was good to us this weekend! My prayers were answered... the operation was successful and Kate is health. Next step, activation! This will happen in about a month. I am so excited to see Kate's face when she first hears clear sound.


Jill said...

We are so happy! Kate does look like a war veteran ;o)

Every good and perfect gift said...

Exciting! what a wonderful time to be living, that Kate will have a chance to hear is amazing to me. You know you can count on my prayers.

Abbie said...

Little kids bounce back so quickly! I gotten my first implant last August and I looked just like her, although I wasn't off the pain pill nowhere near as quickly. Do you have any idea when the activation date is?

I have a blog at Chronicles of a Bionic Woman where it shows my activation video. I am inviting you to come watch it to get an idea of what happens at activation and what questions you could ask.

Carol said...

Oh Beth I am so HAPPY! God is good. Kate looks great! I hear Meighan is being a great beig sister too... So sweet! ;)

elizabeth said...

Congratulations on a successful surgery! I hope that you will consider adding your blog to the aggregator at Deaf Village ( -- it would be a great addition to our community!