Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Heaven weighs heavy on her mind.

Several weeks ago Meig began asking questions about heaven. I would link you to a previous post, but I don't know how... scroll down to May 1st to read about our previous conversation. This evening, while driving home from church, she brought up heaven again. She asked if heaven was in our neighborhood, to which I responded that heaven was a place God was getting ready for us. Nothing said for a couple of minutes, and then I heard a little whimper coming from the backseat. I looked back and there was a very serious girl, lip sticking out an inch, with a tear in her eye. I asked her if she was worried about heaven, and she said that she didn't want to go someplace far away because she like our neighborhood. I tried to put her fears to rest by telling her that when it is time for us to go to heaven we will be happy and love it even more than our neighborhood.
This little conversation has reminded me of a saying I have heard from my Grandma. It goes something like this... "Sometimes I am so earthly bound that I am no heavenly good." It seems like I can get pretty wrapped up in my life on this earth, and forget that this life is just a preparation for a much more glorious eternity. At times I feel like I am hanging on to this life pretty tight, and just a little bit afraid of leaving this "neighborhood" cause I might miss out on something. Silly, I know. I am praying that God helps me loosen my grip on this old earth, I truly want to be a more Heaven minded believer.


Carol said...

I find it is harder for me to be heavenly minded, now that I have Grace. I love being her Mommy and spending time with her everyday, I love being involved in even the smallest details of her life and I want to always be here for her. My love for her is a mere reflection of God’s love for us, and I know that this should make me want to be with Him more and more and invite Him into every detail of my life.

I will pray for you, if you will pray for me! OK, OK, I will pray for you regardless… But if you are praying for me it will help you in taking steps to be more heavenly minded. I’m jus-sayin… ;>

Wendi said...

That is so cute, I know I still have problems when I know I die I will be with Jesus but I am afraid of leaving my children and husband, and I foget that I should be excited to be in heaven with Jesus, and not of the earthly things. We get comfortable where were at, and changes are scarey. does that make sense?